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Pendant M PST Silver - Crepundia Contemporary Jewelry

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Ancient Asian currency

Burnished Silver 925/1000

The goldsmith tradition, the love for the slow work of the Laboratory - located in Florence in the ancient Casa degli Orafi, next to the Ponte Vecchio - the search for particular stones, in color and cut, the search for alternative materials, the taste for matching colors are the leitmotif of Crepundia Gioielli Contemporanei's work.

The philosophy that guides the Crepundia Gioielli Contemporary Store is the search for a unique piece, from shapes to materials, passing through the sophisticated reinterpretation of classic jewelry using or combining unusual materials in the world of jewelry.

The jewel must be a jewel that can be worn every day. A particular accessory, which speaks for itself, which is important but which does not dominate the personality and - above all - which is not a standard jewel that can be found everywhere.

Each pendant is a unique piece. To find out which pendants with Ancient Coin are available at the moment, write to us and we will send the photographs.

The Silver Chain is not included in the price

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