<transcy>Silver Leather Bracelet - Goti</transcy>
<transcy>Silver Leather Bracelet - Goti</transcy>
<transcy>Silver Leather Bracelet - Goti</transcy>
<transcy>Silver Leather Bracelet - Goti</transcy>
<transcy>Silver Leather Bracelet - Goti</transcy>

Silver Leather Bracelet - Goti

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925/100 silver, chains

Black skin

Bracelet length 18 cm

GOTHES is an Italian jewelry brand, a production that combines the tradition of craftsmanship with an innovative design; the profile of our customer is the one who seeks uniqueness in luxury fashion, even if our collections for the manual skills that distinguish them are by their very nature imperfect, the hand of man creates differences but this makes each piece unique, enhancing its value .

Our true wealth is the luxury of having customers in all continents of the world who love and appreciate GOTI, our collections are intended for both the female and male market but in creating our jewels we never think of a specific final recipient, but in the building the object we seek its uniqueness, we like to think that a male bracelet can be worn by a woman and at the same time a female necklace can perfectly match a male outfit

We grow through creativity, innovation, but respecting our artisan traditions and "Made in Italy"

"A contemporary philosophy, all authentically handmade" [RG]

The best compliment we have received is to describe the GOTI collections with a single word "TimelessArt" .

GOTI is a family-run business, we started out as a very small artisan company, we grew up as a business and we don't want to limit ourselves, but we believe that family management is an advantage to be upheld.

The Brand GOTHES was founded in September 2000 by Riccardo Goti .

Riccardo Born in Arezzo (Tuscany) and attending the State Institute of Art, after his studies he began his adventure in the world of fashion. He collaborates as a freelance with the most important Italian fashion houses, designing clothing collections for both women and men, in this growth process he makes his direct knowledge of raw materials, from yarns to fabrics to the various possibilities of leather tanning. from the proximity of the most important supply chains in Italy for weaving and leather processing.

Enlightenment occurs when he also approaches the world of accessories and jewels, discovering the secrets of the manufacture of gold, silver and brass, of which the city of Arezzo is a world leader, determines a new will, the considerable dexterity of Riccardo, the creativity the bases of sculpture studied at school, the various skills acquired over the years give him the definitive impulse to give life to his own jewelry collection.

Riccardo's work is pure passion and creativity, a new vision for jewels. The greatest gift he has; and that it must continue to have the Brand; it is humility, moved by a deep passion, with the desire to continue to experiment, improve and never be satisfied, but always with humility!

"I am not a stylist, I absolutely do not create a succession of styles or change according to the dictates of the moment, I have my hand, my perception and the thing I never do is to be contaminated, I am a simple craftsman with his own aesthetic sense , but this is not a merit, it is a gift that was given to me to ncrepundiacustomercare@gmail.com birth, luck ... with a bit of healthy madness "[RG]

If you want more information write to us: crepundiacustomercare@gmail.com