Reinoso Jewelry

Gabriel Reinoso has created his own jewelry line: Reinoso Jewelry . Gabriel is a native of the island of Cuba and thanks to the influences of the places in the world where he lived (Italy, Spain, Africa), he manages to express in his creations all the cultural references that he has had the opportunity to know. Thanks to the study of materials and the various processing techniques, objects of absolute beauty are born with a strong attention to detail. His identity is defined thanks to the restless shapes and the sense of warmth that his objects transmit, influencing the body and soul. All creations are handmade and therefore become unique pieces. Objects have a unique feature of its kind, that of having irregular features that give imperfection its perfection. Another peculiarity of the designer is to combine different metals (silver, bronze and more) with various stones, each with a different meaning, giving the object a specific and absolute identity.

"As soon as I saw Bologna I immediately fell in love with it even though it was cold that day" remembers Gabriel who, if he felt a shiver that time, it was not only for the emotion but also for the very different climate from that of the place where he was born. Gabriel Reinoso was in fact born in Cuba, in Havana, and after a past as a sportsman, he began to be a goldsmith at the age of twenty, passing through painting, sculpture and frequenting a group of artists in his city. Now thanks to a lot of passion and tenacity, Gabriel does the job he learned as a boy in Bologna, where he lives and works, and has his own jewelery brand