MON Be Your Own God

The Fire of Love gives life to "MON BeYourOwnGod" , an Italian brand founded in 2020.

Research, Quality and Beauty are fundamental values ​​of MON Jewels, made of 925 Silver by Italian Artisans.

Each MON Talisman is a wish for Love, Light, Beauty, Abundance.

MON teaches us to honor life, to investigate the deepest parts of ourselves, to discover the world with new eyes.
MON is the Beauty hidden in change. < br> MON is Discovering that we ourselves are that truth we are looking for.

MON is our sacred space.
It is a magical gift of Light and Beauty to our wonderful body.

The "DRACO COLLECTION" represents the defeat of our inner Dragon which leads to the birth of that power, that love and that light generated by welcoming our deepest and darkest parts.
Ouroboros and Pentacles, symbols of Eternity and Regeneration, wish for Protection, Abundance and Transformative experiences to the wearer.

The "IGNIS COLLECTION" is the fire that burns inside each of us, our Sun, the light of the Soul that wants to be awakened to burn on fire with Love.
The Cross represents the 'Balance, meeting between Spirit and Matter, our Permanent Center, our Heart.
These Talismans are an act of sacredness aimed at honoring our body and our soul.