Marco Mangàni was born in 1976.
He graduated in Visual Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna in 2008, specialization in Painting.
He has been attending since the musical sphere that in 2015 will lead him to the composition of the soundtrack of "The wait", a film presented at the Venice Biennale, directed by Piero Messina and starring Juliette Binoche. By nature inclined to trans-avant-garde aesthetics and Arte Povera.
From 2017 she declines her skills in the field of contemporary jewelery.
Her research develops around the alleged dichotomy between organic and inorganic, in an attempt to make the connections latent, translating the "precious" into "poor" and vice versa.
From 2019 she enrolled in Alchimia, a Florentine jewelry school for obtain a second degree in Visual Arts for metalworking.
Lives and works in Bologna.