The story of Riccardo Goti, as founder of the GOTI brand, begins in September 2000.

GOTI is a Sartorial Jewel, an innovative, unique, courageous product that combines Riccardo's dexterity, creativity and passion for fashion.

Designed to stand out and accompany the most innovative costume trends, Goti has tried to create an indissoluble union between Dress and Jewel.

The daily routine of Goti's work has always been the pursuit of excellence, with total, passionate involvement, a positive mental attitude but with a strong critical spirit to evolve and improve.

Twenty years of continuous confrontation, tenacity, search for solutions, courage to decide, design culture, mental flexibility: to give shape and strength to your business idea.

In this scenario he created Jewels, Fragrances, Design Objects, Installations. Fashion

GOTI as a "Container where you can express creativity without limits".

The production of GOTI combines the tradition of craftsmanship with a contemporary philosophy.

An indissoluble union between Dress and Jewel. Alchemy of fabrics and small precious elements, cuts of leather with metal fusions, the delicacy of threads applied sartorially with the power of hand-worked silver.

The profile of the GOTI customer is the one who seeks uniqueness, the GOTI collections - for the manual skills that distinguish them - are by their very nature unique. The human hand creates differences but this makes each piece unique, enhancing its value.

GOTI offers women's and men's products. In creating Riccardo never thinks of a recipient with a defined identity; he designs the object looking for its uniqueness, he likes to think that a male bracelet can be worn by a woman and a female jewel can perfectly match a male outfit.

The samples are created and built in all the elements in the Arezzo headquarters and are born from Riccardo's manual skill. The production is carried out using the best manufactures in the area: artisan workshops with an absolute value for manual work.

Jewels created in time but Timeless, which have the same attraction as new creations. TimelessArt.

"I am not a stylist, I absolutely do not create a succession of styles or change according to the dictates of the moment, I have my hand, my perception ... and the thing I never do is to be contaminated, I am a simple craftsman with his own aesthetic sense ... but this is not a merit, it is a gift that was given to me at birth ... luck ... with a bit of healthy madness ... "