Sustainability and Recycling also in Jewelery

A sartorial experience in the world of Jewels is a beautiful adventure and a moment to dedicate to yourself: a moment of great quality.

Sustainability - it is not just a word that is fashionable today: for Crepundia Gioielli it has always been a mentality and a way of working .

We have always collaborated with the same highly professional and qualified suppliers. The stones are of certain and certified origin and come from mines where workers are respected and paid adequately for their work. The materials we use are equally of safe origin. We also want to minimize waste for this reason we also use recycled gold and stones.

We propose, in this Section, the Sartorial Jewels, that is the updating of old jewels of our Customers that lie in the drawers. Beautiful jewels out of fashion, beautiful outdated necklaces that no one wears anymore.

Together with you, we avoid waste: with your gold and your stones we produce in gold and propose the restyling of models you no longer wear.

Industrial production in the fashion sector has increased dramatically over the last decade. Fast-fashion has literally flooded the market with unimaginable quantities of garments. Also in the Jewelery sector many companies have turned to foreign production, at low cost and low quality. As a result, the quality of the work has also dropped.

We therefore propose to lower the environmental impact and to be protagonists of the change we wish to see in the world. Think of an ETHICAL JEWEL, how would it feel? Wearing contemporary jewelry made with recycled materials can be extremely satisfying. Don't give up on owning something new that also makes you feel good, that gives you that extra touch that makes your personality evident. Helping the environment at the same time.

Follow us on the Site and on Instagram to see the selection of our models, choose what you like best, we will make it with your material. Or study your very personal model, we will make it. It will be a great satisfaction for you and for us.

Contact us crepundiacustomercare@gmail.com or come and visit us in Bologna, in via Dal Luzzo 3b, next to the historic Due Towers.