Cuzzeri Jewels

Claudia Cuzzeri approaches the world of art through the modeling of sculptures in polychrome terracotta: the first pieces are to be linked to the strong nativity scene tradition of Bologna, (her hometown) which will lead her to collaborate with the association " Amici del presepio ”where he obtained various awards, thus continuing to spread the ancient tradition of Bolognese modellers. Subsequently, thanks to the studies degree in natural sciences and biological sciences , he approaches the production of works inspired by the animal world, with predilection for fantastic subjects and mythological . The culmination of this period is the exhibition on fantastic animals by Ulisse Aldrovandi held at the museum of comparative anatomy , in collaboration with the University of Bologna.

In recent times the artist has wanted to explore new horizons, dedicating himself to the creation of jewelery-sculptures. Yes part and from a to structure in brass , used in both foils and wires. Subsequently the jewel is embellished with natural stones , shells and minerals. The result is thus a unique, unrepeatable product, with a sensational inspired design at simplicity and at lightness , suggested by the use of pure shapes inspired by nature.