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Crepundia Customized Jewelery

Custom Made - Tailor Made.

Sustainability is not just a word that is fashionable today. Sustainability for Crepundia Gioielli is a mentality, it is a way of working. We have always had the same suppliers, people in the sector, careful, not improvised. The materials are of safe origin and no workers are exploited for our raw materials.

Furthermore, always to try to be as eco-friendly as possible and to minimize waste, we have always offered our customers Made-to-Measure Jewelry. What do we mean by bespoke jewelry? How many of us have old out of fashion jewels in their drawers! Reshape, modernize, make jewels current. We avoid waste. With your gold we produce in gold, we modernize old models that you no longer wear.

Not only in the clothing sector, production has increased dramatically in the last decade with fast-fashion: the two seasons autumn-winter and spring-summer have become a single continuous season: weekly releases of new models, new colors, new designs. Even in the jewelry sector, however more traditional, many important brands have decentralized their production to low-cost countries, spending a lot on advertising and producing an enormous quantity of objects. All this obviously causes a great waste in the so-called rich countries and a lowering of the quality of work in the so-called poor countries.

Ethical jewels: we lower the environmental impact without giving up wearing something new that makes us feel good, that gives us that extra touch, that makes our personality evident. A sartorial experience in the world of jewelry is a wonderful adventure and a moment to dedicate to yourself. A moment of great quality .

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Contact us directly or come and visit us in the shop in Bologna, in via Dal Luzzo 3b, next to the historic Due Torri, if you want to modernize. < / p>

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